My September Whole30


We were at a music festival and decided to pass some time by going on a hike. During this hike, I just didn't feel the same energy or giddy-up that I usually have. As I was lamenting my lack of spunk I started thinking about some other ways that I had been feeling less than my best. I had noticed that my elbow was feeling inflamed and that a recurring hamstring that I nurse when running long distances was achy and irritated even on short runs and while sitting. Also, I was just not as sharp as I like to be and was gravitating back to my afternoon cup of coffee. Which translated into poor sleep. A vicious cycle was starting.

I knew that I would be Coaching an in-person group as well as some 1:1 clients and a Virtual Group. I had been asked several times in the weeks leading up to this moment if I would be joining my clients in their September Whole30.

My answer was a very certain "No. I'm in a really good place with my nutrition right now."

As I started thinking about doing a September Whole30 I just had this feeling that I NEEDED to do a Round. I decided that I would do a mini-reset for two weeks. That would give me a chance to get my sugar dragon tamed, reduce some inflammation and get my energy back on track. Doing a reset is the first step of the Food Freedom Forever plan, and it felt like maybe it was time.


Little did I know the number of reasons that I needed the structure and discipline that Whole30 offers. September turned out to be a really busy, stressful and nerve-racking month. My youngest daughter struggled with her health and we had two ER visits within a week's time. By Day 10 I knew that 14 days was not going to be enough for me, so I decided to extend my reset to a Whole30.

This round of Whole30 was one of the most difficult for me. I think this was due to the stress I was under and not putting sleep or self-care at the top of my priority list.

As difficult as the September Whole30 was for me personally, it was one of my most rewarding ones as a Coach. I loved walking alongside every one of my clients and celebrating successes and Non-Scale Victories together. I loved encouraging those who were not seeing the results they had hoped would happen on the timeline they expected. I loved problem-solving challenges and providing reassurance and direction when my clients were having a particularly hard day. I started with "Clients" who I now think of as my very dear friends.

As I have now been thinking about how to move forward after this round, knowing that this season of stress is not over yet as my daughter continues to struggle with her health, my plan is to do the Slow Roll Reintroduction.


I am very excited to be coaching my very first Food Freedom Forever Group. I can't wait to walk with people as they flex their Food Freedom muscles and really put into practice all the good habits that they learned from their Whole30 journey.

And just today, while reflecting on how much I loved leading people through their September Whole30's I decided to coach a Whole30 series to allow people to put their best foot forward before the Holiday Season!

It is while being in nature that I often feel led to do important things.

It is while being in nature that I often feel led to do important things.

I don't have all the details figured out yet, so keep an eye out for those. But, I think just like I felt led to do my own September Whole30, I am feeling led to guide YOU into better health going into the Holidays.

If you are ready to experience your own Food Freedom click here!

If you want me to email you with information about my Holiday Whole30 Reset post a message in the comment section below and I will be in touch with you very soon!