"No Crumbs Left" Cookbook Giveaway

I had the MOST fun time the other night! 

I have followed Teri Turner @nocrumbsleft for a while now.  I think the first recipe that drew me to her was her recipe for Marinated Red Onions or “Counter Onions.”  They infuse magic to everything they are added to!  

As a Certified Whole30 Coach I was gifted a copy of Teri’s new book, “No Crumbs Left”.  As a Whole30 endorsed book, I expected the recipes to be healthful and tasty. When the book arrived in the mail, I was in awe. 


Each page is crafted like beautiful art. I was touched by the stories and each one of the recipes beckoned me to the kitchen. Flipping through the pages of the beautiful cookbook, I felt like I was being introduced to a friend, by a friend.  

I posted on IG that I was having a hard time choosing which recipes to include in my weekly meal prep.  Teri DM’d me almost instantly, sharing her ideas of which ones to try and what goes well for different occasions.  I was really amazed by the time she took to share her passion with someone she didn’t know at all.

I have tried several of the recipes already and each one is absolutely delicious.  The cookbook has a permanent spot on my kitchen counter.  

When I heard that Teri was coming to Denver on her book tour, I KNEW that I had to go. Having never been to a Book Tour Event, I really didn’t know what to expect. 


The event was held at Room and Board in Cherry Creek. I was thrilled that my friend and Wholesome Nutrition Client Mattie Guthrie with Guthrie Cattle wanted to join me.  I was also excited to see another client, Monica Lishko there.  

Mattie Guthrie - good friend and whole30 coaching client.

Mattie Guthrie - good friend and whole30 coaching client.

Monica Lishko - another great client i’ve had the joy of working with!

Monica Lishko - another great client i’ve had the joy of working with!

The rooftop setting of Room and Board was beautiful and the Colorado weather was delightful for an evening out.  Food and drinks were provided and the food was absolutely delicious. I was honored to meet two Whole30 Staffers, Stephanie Kelley and Shanna DiPaolo Keller.  I felt like all of the guests were treated so well and it felt like a family gathering.

Shanna DiPaolo Keller moderated the discussion.  I loved the easy chit chat between the two women and it was immediately apparent that Teri is as gracious as she appears on her social accounts and in her book.

Shannon is the  Director of Digital  for Whole30

Shannon is the Director of Digital for Whole30

I loved hearing the stories she shared about her family, her parents and her passion for loving people through the food she makes. Every time I look through the pages of her book I get the feeling that she was intentional about every single part of it.

Last night as I was listening to her stories, that feeling was confirmed. Teri seems to be intentional about every part of her life. She said that her book is a memoir to her children which I think speaks to the depth of love she has for them.  

There were so many magical moments scattered through the night, and, if you follow Teri you quickly learn she believes that magic abounds. It seems that Teri lives by the motto:

“There is magic everywhere, and if you don’t notice it, create it.”

There were a few things Teri said that I really connected with. One of the things she said that made me laugh is ”I never take no for an answer. No is a definite maybe.” 

I also was really inspired by her statement “Don’t take failing as a final outcome. It’s part of the journey.” She mentioned several times that she gives 150%. This is so obvious in the care that she took in the writing of her book “No Crumbs Left.” 

Enter below for a chance to win a signed copy of No Crumbs Left!

Enter below for a chance to win a signed copy of No Crumbs Left!

She really inspired me to keep reaching for things, even if they seem big or just out of reach. She also reminded me of the importance of showering love and looking for magic even in seemingly mundane moments. Another thing that she encouraged me to do is to “pursue passion forcefully.” 


Pursuing passion forcefully is definitely something that I will be encouraging my Wholesome Nutrition by Kim clients to do as I help them achieve a Wholly Unleashed life through Whole30. 

If you are looking for a cookbook that will inspire you to get in the kitchen I highly recommend this one!  And If you are looking for someone to guide you to better health, help you live your passion forcefully and have fun in he process, I’d love to work with you!

I’m also giving away a FREE, signed copy of “No Crumbs Left”

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