Reflections on The Whole30 Coaches Summit

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Second Annual Whole30 Coach Summit in Park City, UT.  


Friday morning kicked off with Whole30 Affiliate Partners and Whole30 team lavishing coaches with an amazing welcome bag that included a TON of swag. 

I was blown away by the generosity of our sponsors; Vital Proteins, The New Primal, Chomps, Waterloo and Butcher Box.

Melissa Urban introduced us to the entire Whole30 Staff.  It was obvious from our reception that the Whole30 Staff is dedicated to taking excellent care of the coaches so that we can provide excellent services to each and every Whole30 client we work with.

We participated in a really needed conversation around Cultural Diversity by Ericka Hart.  I will be making some important changes based on what I learned from her. 

I will be bringing back tons of great information from Melissa Urban, Danielle Walker who shared her story and tips on social media.  I was thrilled to receive her newest cookbook, “Eat What You Love.”

Danika Brysha shared her best advice on how we as coaches can incorporate small bits of self-care into every day.  I will definitely be sharing her tips with my clients!

Autumn Vance, Whole30 Coach, and staff at Whole 30 shared all she knows about Whole30 on a budget. Her information was invaluable! 

One of the most fun parts of the Summit was meeting other coaches and finding out ways that they support their clients.  Everyone here has been so amazing. I feel like I am drinking from a fire hose and can’t wait to bring back everything that I am learning to my Whole30 Community.  

On Saturday I started my morning out with Todd McCullough - TMAC Fitness.  This was part of Summit last year that made a huge impact on my personal life.  There is something spiritual about working out with a group at sunrise that speaks to my soul. 

He incorporates “Mind right” practices after every workout, and that is something that I often do after my runs.  It has been a great opportunity for me to tap into my faith and has helped me better listen for guidance from God. 


This workout humbled me. I can run a half marathon without blinking an eye, but make me work both sides of my body in alternating patterns when I’ve only had a half a cup of coffee?!?  I rode that struggle bus all the way!

We had an opportunity to hear from our Key Sponsors, The New Primal, Waterloo, Vital Proteins, ButcherBox and CHOMPS. 

If you’ve been following me in the past year you probably already know my affection toward The New Primal and CHOMPS is deep.

I have also been a HUGE fan of Vital Proteins and use them often, especially when training for marathons. After hearing from Butcher Box and Waterloo, I am proud to know that they aren’t just trying to sell a product.  Like Vital Proteins, The New Primal and CHOMPS, these companies are deeply invested in producing high-quality products.

Additionally, each one of these companies is trying to move the needle toward getting back to the community, changing health through food and improving the imprint on the earth.  

Kathleen Shannon, co-author of “Being Boss” was a Plenary speaker who I may have fangirled.  She came to talk about Goal Setting and she also talked about branding strategies.

Kathleen shared some amazing tips on how to work your biz better.  She was at Summit last year and I spent the next year following her and soaking in all the good things she has to offer.

I was so excited when I learned she was returning!  She is the real deal! I love her authenticity, her fun spirit, sense of humor and amazing business sense. I walked away with amazing strategies that I am already putting into place.

As you may know, my daughter follows a Modified Atkins Diet (MAD) for epilepsy.  Many of my clients ask about Keto so I was excited to sit and listen to Dr. Will Cole, author of “Ketotarian.”  I didn’t waste any time purchasing his book and will be implementing his practices to balance out Malia’s diet better.

After a short hike in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah, all of the coaches came together for Awards and a delicious dinner.  It was an amazing celebration and reinforced what a great community Whole30 is!

Me with Mellisa Urban. Founder and CEO of Whole30

Me with Mellisa Urban. Founder and CEO of Whole30

Sunday morning came way too quickly.  I participated in another TMAC workout which was, of course, amazing.  If you want a 20-minute workout that you can modify for your own level, check out

If you want a 30-day free trial, email me and I will share my coaching code with you!

I was introduced to Megan Bruneau who shared her expertise in self-care.  I loved everything that she had to share. She spoke to our group and shared ways that we, as coaches investing in our clients, can take excellent care of ourselves so that we can pour ourselves out for our clients!

Finally, the amazing co-creator of Whole30, Melissa Urban, shared tips for us to walk our clients through Food Freedom Forever and how to recognize the signs of a yo-yo dieter.  

I left Park City filled up, ready to lead and fueled to lead others.

I am leading several different options for YOUR September Whole30 and with all of the new resources that I have under my belt, and with my passion for coaching reignited, now is the perfect time for you to work with me to successfully complete your Whole30. 

Whether you have completed Whole30’s, failed Whole30’s never tried but want to do your first one, I am the person for YOU!!!

Best in health +



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