Why I Love Coaching Whole30

Hiya! I want to share a bit more about me, specifically why I love Whole30 so much that I decided to become a certified coach!


One of the things that I have always loved about being a nurse is the opportunity to share knowledge with patients.

Patient education has always been a passion of mine. I found that I always connected best with patients when I could provide comfort to them and their families. It didn’t take long to realize that providing sound information often is what brought the deepest connection and reassurance.

My nursing background is in Obstetrics and I specialized in High-Risk Obstetrics for most of my career. As you can imagine, the patients I worked with needed a lot of reassurance and I loved the deep relationships that I built with them.

As part of my job, I was able to work closely with patients who had Gestational Diabetes. Something I loved about working with patients who were making the recommended nutrition changes was the direct correlation between normal and abnormal blood sugar levels. “Wow, when I eat this, my blood sugars are too high. When I eat this, they stay normal and I feel so much better.”

Seeing this direct relationship helped patients stay motivated to make the recommended diet changes.  

At the same time, my youngest daughter was being evaluated for possible seizure activity.

I was also running more and trying to improve my PR in the marathon distance. Knowing that information is power, I was reading more and more about how improving nutrition improved running times as well as could likely minimize seizures, anxiety and ADD, two other things that my daughter was being evaluated for.  

I started to make changes in the way I ate and the way I fed my youngest daughter. Overall, the diet for our entire family changed.

Around this time, a good friend of mine did a Whole30. It sounded ridiculous! Even though I was very interested in improving my wellness and was searching for answers for my daughter, Whole30 sounded too restrictive.

I had done South Beach, but Whole30 seemed way more intense than that.  

Eventually, I did a round of Whole30 but didn’t do a true reintroduction. I felt better, had lost some weight, but didn’t completely understand the spirit of Whole30. I started another round maybe 6 months after that and didn’t make it 2 weeks before “cheating.”

So I quit….

It seemed like the diet changes we had made for our daughter did help minimize the number of seizures that she was having, but we weren’t great about restricting her 100%. 

I eventually did another complete Whole30, by the book, including reintroduction.

It was fascinating! I couldn’t believe the improvement in the way I felt!

Sleep, energy during the day, running performance, focus and more.

I also identified that gluten doesn’t make me feel my best and dairy causes some nuisance problems. And then eventually my old habits slipped in and while I was pretty good about what I ate overall, I reverted to snacking too much, I let sneaky sugars back in and eventually felt less than great again.

I did another round when Whole30 rolled out a September Whole30 and this time I isolated my Reintroduction to be more specific to each food reintroduced. This was fascinating, and I felt so much better that it motivated me to maintain my healthier eating as a long term lifestyle.  

I started implementing Whole30 principles into my nutrition consults. In addition to GD (Gestational Diabetes) patients, the Doctors I worked with starting asking me to consult with patients who had high cholesterol, PCOS, obesity, Type II diabetes as well as autoimmune problems.

I wasn’t sure if I could help them, which I told our physicians, and the consensus was “food is a perfect place to start.” We were all thrilled when we started to see what a positive impact implementing Whole30 practices made in people’s health!

It was astounding to see over and over. Eventually, Whole30 offered a Coaching Certification. When I went to my boss and asked if she would be OK with me working toward my certification, she enthusiastically said “YES!”  

I became Certified as a Whole30 Coach and led my first group in May 2018.

I have always loved coaching people 1:1 and I was thrilled to see what great energy a group setting brought!


Since then I have loved to blend 1:1 coaching at work and independently through Wholesome Nutrition by Kim. I have also found a great passion for leading Whole30 groups in person like the one I will be leading in September at Bella where I work.

Something that I was surprised by is how much I enjoy coaching people “virtually” like the Virtual September Whole30 I will lead on Wednesday nights. Clients enjoy this because they can engage with a group no matter where they are located!

I still eat primarily Whole30 and love the balance of “Food Freedom Forever.”

I feel more self-confident, am more comfortable when I run and am chasing another marathon PR, although I don’t have a race on the calendar.

I am way past thinking of Whole30 as being too restrictive. I believe so strongly that the foods we eat can either improve or wreck our health that I am tackling a Modified Atkins Diet for my youngest daughter as one treatment for her epilepsy. And we are seeing improvements in her seizures! And to think at one time I thought Whole30 was too restrictive!  

I realized after completing my third Whole30 the true spirit of the program, which is that Whole30 is a 30-day nutrition reset, not a restrictive diet intended to keep people from eating all of the foods long term.

My starts and stops and even my failed attempts at Whole30 have given me a depth of knowledge that is incredibly helpful for the clients that I work with.

As a Certified Whole30 Coach I am thrilled to be able to fulfill my passion for connecting with people at a deep level while guiding them to their best health.

I love watching the transformation as people see that they can live a life wholly unleashed to be who they are created to be and not chained down by poor health, low energy and illness.

I would love to see you be the next success story!


Hi! I’m Kim.

I’m passionate about helping people achieve balance in their busy lives. I believe that we all want to live a passionate life! Investing in your health and addressing how food impacts your emotions, energy, relationships and wellness often serves as a catalyst for people to live a more abundant and passionate life! Let’s Work Together!