Air Fryer Salmon

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy fresh seafood, and this easy salmon recipe is one of my favorite meals to enjoy for dinner.

Preparing salmon in an air fryer is a super simple way to ensure your fish is cooked to perfection while minimizing the amount of clean up necessary.


Step 1

Lay your salmon out on a cutting board


Step 2

Sprinkle each salmon generously with kosher salt, garlic granules and ground pepper.


Step 3

Lay a sprig of rosemary on each fillet


Step 4

Lay a slice of lemon on each rosemary sprig


Step 5

Transfer to greased air fryer basket


Step 6

Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes

*I recommend adding additional time in 2 minute increments to desired doneness.


Step 7

When salmon is done cooking, remove and enjoy!

air fryer salmon.png

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