Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Want a super easy dish for your next gathering?

Want to wow someone special? Or, you may just want to treat yourself to a special treat for dinner for navigating a successful September Whole30, as I did! Whatever the occasion is, you can't go wrong with this simple recipe.

I have recently started buying meat from @ButcherBox . If you are interested in checking Butcher Box out, now is a good time! As a new member you will get 2 lbs of wild salmon and 4 x 6 oz top sirloin steaks FREE in your first box! Now that's worth checking out!

I included bacon and scallops in my last order. The scallops were extremely tender and tasted very fresh. And the bacon. Mmmmmmmmmmm. The bacon from Butcher Box is absolutely delicious.

We dipped our Bacon Wrapped Scallops in homemade mayonnaise with a little brown mustard stirred in. It's really important to make sure that you don't overcook the scallops.
I hope you enjoy these! Let me know your thoughts after you try them!


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