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These pictures were taken January 1, February 1, April 1 and May 1.  His Non Scale Victories are just as remarkable as his weight loss.  Congratulations Lorne and thanks for sharing your story with this community!


I just didn't feel right. You know the feeling don't you? It's the feeling that something is off and not working properly in regards to your health. Honestly, it's hard for me to admit to all of you that I was ever in a place like that, but I was. Let me explain....

I served six years in the United States Army and I was proud to wear the uniform that represents our country. To me, "the uniform" not only represents our nation and her values of life, liberty, freedom, & justice for all, but it also represents a deep sense of personal responsibility.

As a kid I always dreamed of one day becoming a solider. Both of my grandfathers served in the military during WW2 and the Korean Wars and I understood as a young man that one day my nation would call upon me to defend her.

During my final year in high school I decided to join the Army and away I training, and advanced training and into my first unit. Fast forward a couple of years and a long deployment in Iraq and I had morphed into a seasoned veteran. Serving our country remains one of the greatest honors I will ever hold.

After six years in the Army, I sensed that I was being called in a new direction.....

In a matter of months I went from serving as an active soldier to a graduate student. While I was thankful for the change of pace at first, little by little my health and fitness took a back seat to exams, studying, a new relationship (with the woman who would become my wife) and the everyday stresses of life.

Fast forward a few more years, add in two growing children, a full time job, volunteer work, a yard to mow...and...bills to pay...and all of sudden, out of nowhere, my health was diminishing.

It didn't happen overnight, but slowly I began to feel less in control of what I was eating. My relationship with food had gotten unbalanced and out of control. I devolved from being a soldier who prided himself in maintaining his fitness into somebody who made a lot of excuses about his health. I kept telling myself "one day I'll turn things around" or "next month, I'll make the change."

The reality is that didn't work.

I will never forget the night I decided to make a change. I was out in Colorado for work and I had the opportunity to visit some old friends. We hadn't connected in a long time and I was really excited to see them. Over dinner that evening I learned that my friend Kim had recently become a Certified Whole30 Coach and was helping people find their food freedom. I had heard about Whole30 in the past, but the way Kim spoke with clarity and joy about helping people discover their true relationship with food intrigued me in a new way.

She told me all about the program. How you cut out certain food groups, get your "sugar dragon" in control, and focus on eating natural foods while regaining control over your emotional responses to nutrition. It all sounded great and inspiring, and...... challenging.

The moment everything shifted for me came, when over the course of dinner, I commented that "I really should try it sometime" (when in my head I was thinking - could I really do this? This seems hard. What if I fail?) - and Kim's husband, Shane, said very casually "I did the Whole30 recently and it was great. You should try it. It wasn't that hard really. You could totally do it."

He even pointed out the fact that the meal we were eating was already 85% compliant, and with a few minor tweaks...."We would be eating Whole30 right now."

That simple act of encouragement from my friend made all the difference. I went home to Ohio, and decided to commit, with Kim's help as my Certified Coach to the January Whole30.

As I write this message I just completed my second round of Whole30 with Kim's help and guidance, and I can say that it has been life changing. I feel like my old self again. I have more energy, confidence, my clothes fit better, my allergies are in control, and I have lost nearly 30 pounds in 4 months time!

The Whole30 has changed my life for the better!

Sometimes we need a friend who can just whisper a simple word of encouragement our way to say "you can do it. You should do it. I did it, and I loved it."

Let me be that person for you! No more excuses - YOU are worth investing in!

Lorne Hlad
January '19, April '19 Whole30

*As a veteran I have put off ordering my Army Dress Uniform for years, but the Whole30 has given me the confidence back I needed to be proud of my body. I'm happy to tell you that after I finished the January Whole30 I ordered my uniform and recently had it fitted. I will be marching this year in my local Memorial Day parade with my Father-in-law who is battling cancer. To me, wearing the unform for the first time in six years with pride is the ultimate non-scale victory(NSV).

What is holding you back? Call Kim, send her a message. She will help you, like she helped me, to find your food freedom! - Lorne


Hi! I’m Kim.

I’m passionate about helping people achieve balance in their busy lives. I believe that we all want to live a passionate life! Investing in your health and addressing how food impacts your emotions, energy, relationships and wellness often serves as a catalyst for people to live a more abundant and passionate life! Let’s Work Together!